The Brand promise and customer experience!

Man Holding Credit Card Consulting On Phone At Home

I was genuinely surprised that in the era of Internet revolution, which opens the floodgates of information and informed decision-making from a multiplicity of information sources, there are still brands that believe in holding customers at ransom! Madness writ large! That Zimbabwe is in a man-made crisis is no longer speculative but a living reality. […]

Managing the corporate reputation economy

Exhausted young entrepreneur working with laptop in office

Corporate in general, do not treat corporate reputation as a strategic management process. In most cases reputation is allowed to grow and take shape in a space assuming multiple dimensions and in most cases assuming a vague and confusing form and shape. In most cases, it leads to a reputational bubble, which I gave a […]

The Deconstruction of Corporate Reputation

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Companies in Zimbabwe suffer the challenge of maintaining a solid and competitive reputation over a period of time. This is because sustainable and durable reputations are a manifestation of corporate character, which is difficult to purchase or imitate. This presents a challenge of consistency of time as companies end up losing ground and plunging from […]